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Group Reviews for Absolute Bible Truth

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  • 5 reviews
  • Unknown Uid



    18 Apr 2010

    What's good: They speak the absolute truth about the Bible.

  • Unknown Uid



    29 Jan 2010

    What's good: They are the Absolute truth. No corners cut, upon enetering the room be prepared to back up what you say.

  • Jehsias



    29 Dec 2012

    What's good: Excellent ministry! Brother Josh teaches the truth on what the Bible really says, and leaves out all opinions, speculations, and beliefs.

    What's bad: Sometimes the paltalk connection fails in the middle of this hard cutting truth.

  • snowwhite7angels



    19 Feb 2011

    What's good: Bro. Josh teaches Absolute Bible truth. Very friendly group of members that come to this room as well. The regulars are very sincere. I come away from each class more knowledgeable in the word, and very inspired. Brother Joshua is a Gifted teacher.

    What's bad: Nothing at all!

  • 27 Sep 2012

    What's good: nothing here except frauds.

    What's bad: Watch out guys these are fake christians pretending to be righteous people.


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