18 Dec 2014
Mega-popular messaging apps like WeChat or WhatsApp today typically boast over half a billion (or even one billion) users, and now we are seeing some consolidation among some of the (slightly) smaller players, specifically on the video messaging front.
13 Dec 2012
Melissa Stanger December 13, 2012
14 Jun 2012
NewsWatch recently aired a news story highlighting innovative products for consumers to keep their eyes out for. Tech and parenting expert, Scott Steinberg, joined the show to review these gifts.The first product is an Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser from a company called Innovia which is a great addition to any kitchen. It has a sleek design so moms will love it and it's amazingly easy to operate. All a consumer needs to do is hold their hand up to a sensor on the unit and it will dispense a single paper towel. If more towels are needed, they just hold their hand up longer until the correct amount of towels is dispensed. From a health standpoint, since the hands-free operation makes it unnecessary to touch the roll of paper towels, it reduces the risk of
15 Mar 2012
Paltalk MessengerCNET Editors' reviewby: CNET Staff on March 15, 2012Paltalk Messenger streamlines communication by putting instant messages, video chats, voice calls, and SMS all into a single user interface. While it may not be the most user-friendly program out there, it's certainly one of the more powerful.
15 Mar 2012
Paltalk CEO, Jason Katz was interviewed recently on Fox Business. Paltalk CEO on Fox Business discusses Firetalk

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