Admin monitor

The admin monitor feature lets you be sure of who is running  your chat room while you are away and what they do.

This security feature helps you make decisions about who you let admin your room in your absence, tells you if your admin code got into the wrong hands, and what an admin does on your behalf in the room. Track abusive bouncing and banning and never again wonder who closed your room, who got bounced or banned and why, who has your admin code, who red dotted everyone, who tried to bounce YOU, etc..

Be sure your admins run YOUR room YOUR way!

How to turn it on and off:

Using the Paltalk Pal
Using the admin monitor is easy...

Step 1
open a chat with the 'Paltalk pal' on your 'pal list'

The 'Paltalk pal' lets you type commands to Paltalk.

To get a complete list of commands type help all

Step 2
To turn your admin monitor on type 'admin monitor on'
To turn your admin monitor off type 'admin monitor off'

Using your chat room creation form

Step 1
select the 'favorites' menu on your main pal list window

Step 2
select 'my room' from the menu

a new window opens

Step 3
press the 'edit my room' button

your browser opens and you are logged into the mypaltalk web site

Step 4
click on the 'manage my group' link near the top right of the browser screen

select the 'advanced' tab on the chat room creation form

Step 5
place a checkmark in the 'enable admin monitor in my room' box

Step 6
press the 'save my changes' button at the bottom of the form


When you turn your admin monitor on, it will stay on until you turn it off!  Even if you are offline, the admin monitor will log everything that happens in your chat room and send it to you the next time you log in.

CAUTION: If you leave your admin monitor on, and are offline for several days the log can become very large and take a long time to load when you log in!  Be sure to turn it off if you plan to be offline for more than a day or 2.

Whenever an action is taken by anyone joining your room as 'admin' with your admin code, it will be sent to you in a 'Paltalk Notifier' window. You can leave this window open for as long as you like and minimize it to let the log grow to review at your convenience.

This log is NOT stored by Paltalk!  If you close the window anything listed is gone forever, so be sure you save it or review it before you close it.

You will find a sample of the messages that you may see in the notifier window below.

Admin monitor messages

  • admin name opened your group as admin
  • admin name closed your group
  • admin name joined your group as admin
  • admin name left your group with no other admin present
  • admin name red dotted the entire group (remove all mics)
  • admin name un-dotted the entire group (give mics to everyone)
  • admin name enabled red dot video
  • admin name disabled red dot video
  • admin name enabled red dot text
  • admin name disabled red dot text
  • admin name attempted to bounce you from your group
  • admin name bounced user name
  • admin name un-bounced user name
  • admin name invited user name back after they were bounced
  • admin name attempted to ban you from your group
  • admin name banned user name
  • admin name un-banned user name