If you get banned

If you get banned you should know that most bans are temporary if you are a first time offender.  Most Paltalk bans have a 'timeout' and will expire in a day or two. The expiration time and date will pop up when you log on.

If you get a harsher ban chances are that you have been warned about your activities and have chosen to continue them of your own accord.  Please just serve your time and come back when your ban expires.

If you are having difficulty understanding why you may be banned please take some time to read our terms of service and our general code of conduct which is placed in language for the average person to clearly understand.

What to do to get help if you get banned

If you deserve your ban please 'take it like a man' and serve your time quietly.  You will be welcome to return once your ban has expired.  Most bans expire in a day or two.

Palhelpers CANNOT lift bans so harassing them or cursing them will get you nowhere and may even result in extra penalties.

Please be aware that we deal with many many users and may not have instant recall regarding your incident.  Be patient.

Paltalk admins are forgiving folks and we realize that good people can have bad days.  Admitting your mistake and learning from it is the best way to go on as a happy long term Paltalk user.

Paltalk admins do NOT lift bans placed on users by other admins.  Therefore you should not 'shop around' for someone to lift your ban, it won't work.

How to appeal a decision made by a palhelper or co-admin:

You should be aware that all Paltalk admins work as a team and communicate regularly.  If you appeal a banning issue we will talk to the person who did the ban and if you deserve your ban it will stay.

You are more likely to get your ban lifted if you also admit your mistake on the form, rather than pretending that 'your dog got you banned'.

Appeals made because of bans for inappropriate contact with minors or illegal activity will be disregarded.

Click HERE to make an inquiry about, or dispute a restriction on your account.

Paltalk users should not attempt to contact office personnel by phone or by email for banning issues!  These calls disrupt normal business operations and are only forwarded to the admins anyway!