Blocking Paltalk Advertisements

Thinking about blocking advertising banners from Paltalk?

Blocking advertisement banners from Paltalk may have adverse results when using portions of our service.  Paltalk uses various server farms to perform different tasks.  If you block '' you may not be able to access certain domains or 'farms' that provide much more than advertising when using Paltalk.

Paltalk sends you email when you register. This email contains critical information about your user account.  You should print this email to paper and save it for future reference.  If you don't have a printer be sure to write down the information or save the email in a special place.

Your registration verification email also contains a 'verification code' which is used to assure that you did not use a bogus email address when creating your account.  If you block Paltalk ads you may not receive this email and you may not be able to log in with your new account.

Paltalk also sends email to you when you change your password or make modifications to your chat room.  If you subscribe to any paid Paltalk service we also send critical information about your subscription status, renewal information, pricing updates, or cancellation information.  Blocking Paltalk ads could result in unwanted renewals or cancellations because you may not receive these important emails.  Blocking Paltalk ads in this case is useless because as a subscriber you will never see any advertising from Paltalk unless you choose to do so. 

MyPaltalk web site:
The 'mypaltalk' web site is where you maintain your Paltalk user account, subscriptions, and your chat room settings.  You can update your password or retrieve it if you forgot it.  Blocking Paltalk ads could prevent you from entering this web site if you need to change anything having to do with your account or your chat room.

Paltalk People:
Paltalk People is your gateway to finding other users with similar interests, view their profiles, and is the place where you can post your own profile.  Profiles contain any and all information that you feel is appropriate to post on the internet, including your key interests, a photo album, video clips, and a guest book.  If you wish to use this service, blocking Paltalk ads is not a good idea because you may not be able to view photo albums or video clips.