Create a new account or 'nickname'

Creating a new nickname on Paltalk is easy

Step 1
click the 'Register' link on the bottom right of 'Welcome to Paltalk' window
(this is the first window you see when you start Paltalk from your desktop)

A registration window appears...

Step 2

enter your desired nickname into the 'nickname' text entry box

Step 3
enter your new password into the 'password' text entry box

click HERE for more about passwords

Step 4
confirm your password by re-typing it into the 'confirm password' text entry box

Step 5
enter a VALID email address that you check every day into the 'email' text entry box - you should use the email address that your ISP provides to you

see email verification code
see keeping your email address up to date

Step 6
select a 'secret question'

Your secret question is vital for obtaining customer service and for using our automated account maintenance applications like 'myPaltalk'

see secret question and answer

Step 7
enter the answer to your selected 'secret question' into the 'secret answer' text entry box

Step 8
press the 'Create a Nickname' button

If you have made any errors or the nickname you have chosen is not available you will be notified and be given the opportunity to correct any mistakes or select a new nickname.

You will then be promted to the 'Select Service Type' screen. Select Paltalk Basic or Paltalk Extreme"

Press the 'Select Service' button when you are finished

You can invite your friends to Paltalk via email or share on Facebook

Finally you will receive an email from us that contains a record of your registration information.  This email also contains a link that allows you to verify that you have received this record.  Be sure to click on the link contained in the email or make note of your 'email verification code', which must be entered when you log into Paltalk for the first time.

see email verification code