• Interoperability with AOLAOL IM, Yahoo! Yahoo IM and ICQ ICQ Instant Messenger messengers.
  • New Smileys
  • TV-Quality Video Chat and Crystal Clear Voice
  • Over 4,000 Chat Rooms
  • Video Overlays

Download - Your first step will be to click on the 'Download' button below.

Click HERE for a list of changes thru the development path

Download JAWS 6 scripts for visually impaired users HERE
Download JAWS 7 scripts for visually impaired users HERE

Find a bug? Please fill out a bug report

2. Installation. Once the download has completed, double click on the Paltalk icon that will appear in the folder in which you saved the file, it will look like a blue chat bubble.

This will start installation.  After installation completes Paltalk will launch automatically.

If you have any problems with installation click HERE for help, and then please fill out a bug report.

Files that will be installed into your selected install folder.
The default install folder is C:\Program Files\Paltalk Messenger

critical file versions for 9.0
file   version
Paltalk.exe   9.87.1614.0
ctrlkey.dll   hot key hook
ftpclient.dll   1.0.1614.0
palsound.dll   1.0.1614.0
spexproj.dll   1.0.1614.0
gsmproj.dll   1.0.1614.0
PalTextCtl.dll   1.1.1614.0
shfolder.dll   6.0.2800.1106
WebVideo.dll   1.2.1614.0
psllsuncher.dll   1.0.1614.0

If these file versions are not included in your chosen install location, reboot your machine and try installing again while no other programs are running.

***NOTE: System Requirements
Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003

Intel Pentiumô 166MHz Processor with 16MB of RAM or better
Internet connection (28.8kbps Modem or better)
Full-Duplex sound card required (for Audio)
USB Digital Web Camera (for video, not required for only viewing)