Email verification code

When you create an account with Paltalk we ask that you provide a valid email address to us so that we may send important communications to you about any changes to your account or your chat room.

If you ever decide to subscribe to any of our services, having a valid email is even more critical.

Because of the importance of you giving us a valid email address at registration you will see 'nag' screens until you verify your email by clicking on the link provided in your initial registration confirmation email, and eventually will not be able to use the service if you refuse to do so.

If you did not receive your email verification code at the email address you provided, please try these steps:

Go to your email account and check your 'Junk' or 'Spam' folder as the email from Paltalk may have been moved to this folder by a 'spam filter'. Please also check that your email storage limit is not exceeded or near full. If it is then please delete some unwanted emails to free some space and try step 2.

note:  some email service providers have INCORRECTLY identified Paltalk emails as 'spam' - any user may 'opt out' of any marketing messages at any time so you should have no fear of receiving 'spam' or unwanted emails from Paltalk.

Step 2
If you cannot find your verification code please login to Paltalk by clicking the 'Paltalk' link on your desktop and enter the nickname and the password you entered on the registration page.

Click 'login'

A new window will pop up asking you to enter your email confirmation code. Click the button that says 'Press here if you have lost or never received the email with the code'. CLICK that button then enter the email address you used in the registration page and a new email will be sent containing the code in a few minutes.

note:  on the screen where you are asked for you verification code there is an 'skip' option - you may click this so bypass the verification code process (not recommended)