ICQ controls

Now you can chat with all of your ICQ buddies and never leave Paltalk.  You don't even need ICQ to be installed on your machine!

note:  you need a previously existing account with ICQ

Paltalk allows you to add ICQ buddies, and enter into private chats with them, just as if they were logged into Paltalk. ICQ buddies will have the ICQ 'flower' icon displayed to the left of their names on your 'pal list'.

Paltalk / ICQ interoperability is kept as safe and secure as possible. Paltalk only allows simple text messaging and never allows direct connections between users. This helps to insure safe messaging between both Paltalk users, and ICQ users.

Login to ICQ

You can 'login to other IM programs' from the 'actions' menu on your pal list window. Or, you can click the ICQ icon on the top of the pal list area.

Step 1
enter your existing ICQ number

Step 2
enter your ICQ password

Step 3
press the 'log in to ICQ' button to log in to ICQ

Creation of ICQ accounts is not supported.  Visit http://www.icq.com to create an account.

Adding ICQ pals

Step 1
you must first be logged into ICQ thru Paltalk (see above)

note:  once logged into a messenger service, the icon for that service will be 'lit up' in color rather than being 'grayed out'

Step 2
select ICQ as the messenger you want to add a pal from

1- go to the main 'pal list window'

2 - select the 'actions' menu

3 - select 'add a pal from other IM programs'

the home tab of the interoperability module is displayed

4 - click the 'add a pal' link in the ICQ area

note:  you may use the ICQ button located on the top of the pal list area instead of using the 'actions' menu - this will bypass the screen above and take you directly to the 'add pal' area for the selected messenger

the 'add pal' area of the interoperability module appears

Step 3
enter your pal's ICQ nickname into the 'Add ICQ Pal' text entry box

Step 4
press the 'add ICQ pal' button

When your pal comes online they will show on your 'pal list' with the ICQ 'flower' icon displayed to the left of their nickname..

Offline ICQ pals are displayed under the offline pals area in your 'pal list'