The instant message or 'Super IM' window

To start an Instant Message session, right click on any name you see on your 'pal list' or in a chat room participant list, then select 'start super im'.  You can send instant messages or 'IMs' with anyone on Paltalk.

see sending messages

Type your text message in the lower white box.  Press the 'enter' key on your keyboard when you are finished typing your message.  If you prefer, you can click the 'send' button with your mouse instead of using the 'enter' key on your keyboard.

video strip
The video strip turns your IM window into a 'video phone' by letting you share your video from your web cam with others.  You can also view video and interact with users.

see video strip

interact with users from the video strip
Besides viewing video, the video strip gives you the ability to quickly interact with users.

There is a round drop-down arrow located under each nickname in the video strip.
You can use this drop-down arrow to select the following functions...

  you can also use the 'actions' menu to access these features

view profile
opens a browser window and displays this users 'mini profile'

refresh still picture
if there is no video being displayed you would see your pal's display picture or 'avatar'
use this function to refresh the picture if your pal has uploaded a new one but it has not yet auto-refreshed on your screen

view webcam

start viewing video from the selected user

larger webcam view

remove the video for the selected user and pop up the larger 'floating' video viewer window

close webcam view

stops the viewing of video for the selected user

start super im

starts an independent instant message window for the selected user
note:  this function lets you hold a private text chat with any user within the 'super im' - this instant message window can also be converted to a 'super im' at any time

send a file

see sending files
note:  you can also 'drag and drop' any file onto the video viewer for any user in the video strip

remove this user from the conversation

if you are the person who started the initial super im you may remove people from the conversation if they become disruptive

add to my pal list

adds this user to your pal listtext format bar
The text format bar lets you change the color and size of the font that others will see when you type messages.  You can add 'emotes', or 'smileys' to your text to liven things up.  The text format bar also lets you 'nudge' your pals, add audio, and invite other pals into a 'super IM'

see text format bar

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