Joining a chat room

You may join a chat room from the 'chat room list window'

The most common way to launch the chat room list window is to press the 'all rooms' button on the 'pal list window' 'toolbar'.

the 'chat room list window' opens

Select a category from the left hand pane on the chat room list window.
A list of subcategories expands on the left pane, and a list of premium and featured chat rooms opens on the right pane.  Click on a subcategory in the left pane to list all of the chat rooms in that subcategory on the right pane of the window, or join one of the listed featured and premium rooms.

enter or 'join' a chat room by double clicking on its name in the list with your left mouse button

you may alternatively enter a room by selecting it from the list by clicking on it with your left mouse button and then pressing the 'join room' button on the bottom of the 'chat room list window'

to join the selected room as 'admin',  'right click' on the room name and select 'join as admin' from the menu that appears.   A new window appears that will ask you for the 'admin code'.  Enter the code and you will be joined to the room and have admin privileges in the room.

see the detailed chat room list window
see open someone else's room as 'admin'