Login to other IM services
Paltalk supports AOL, Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo messengers.

You can login to AOL, Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo messengers all at once while using Paltalk. When you are logged into these other IM services you can 'instant message' anyone who is currently online, and even invite them into a Paltalk chat room!

note:  you may not send offline messages to users on other IM services, but you can send offline messages to Paltalk users. When you are logged into another IM service, you will see an icon representing that service appear 'in color' at the bottom of the main 'pal list window'.

To log into another IM service follow these steps...

Step 1
select 'login to other chat programs' from the 'actions' menu on the main 'pal list window'

note:  if you have never used this feature, the interoperability module will download and install automatically - do not interrupt this process - after the module downloads it's installer will launch

proceed with the installation

a window opens that contains login areas for three popular IM services

Step 2
press the button for the messenger that you want to log in to.  AOL, Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN or Yahoo.

Step 3
enter your user name or 'nickname' that you use on that IM service into the 'Screen Name' box

Step 4
place a checkmark into the 'Connect when I start Paltalk' box if you wish to connect to that service as well as soon as you login to Paltalk

note: automatically logging into another IM service may cause erratic behavior if the chosen IM service is experiencing difficulties

Step 5
enter the password associated with the user name or 'nickname' that you are logging into the IM service with

note: you may save the password by checking the appropriate 'remember password' checkbox

Step 6
press the 'login to xxx' button for the appropriate IM service

successful login - connected
If your login is successful, the login area for the chosen IM service will display a message telling you that it is connected. Your online and offline pals from that IM service will now be listed in your 'pal list' along with all of the rest of your Paltalk pals.

incomplete login - not connected
If your login was not successful, wait a few minutes and try again. If you do not want to login to any other IM services at this time press the 'cancel' button.

When you are finished logging in to one service, you can select another service by using the tabs on the top of the window.  Click whatever service you want to log in to and repeat the login process for each service.  You can be logged in to Paltalk, AOL, Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo all at once.