Pal list toolbar icons and buttons

The toolbar contains several 'icons' or 'buttons'. The toolbar will display different options depending on which tab has been selected.

the chat rooms toolbar
manage a list of your favorite rooms
manage your own chat room
create an instant private chat room
get a list of chat rooms

add a paltalk pal
send an instant message
get a list of chat rooms

displays a window that lists your favorite chat rooms - you may join, add, or remove rooms that are in the list

click HERE to learn about favorite chat rooms

my room
create, edit, or join your personal chat room

click HERE to learn about how to create and manage your own chat room

private room
create a temporary and private chat room that will not be displayed in the group listings - this type of chat room is limited to 5 (five) people

click HERE to learn how to create an instant private room

launches a detailed list of all of the chat rooms available on Paltalk

click HERE to learn about the chat room list window

add pal
launches the 'find pals' window where you may search for, and 'add pals' to your 'pal list'

click HERE to find out more about adding Paltalk pals

note:  to add pals from other messengers you must first log into that messenger, and then add your pal from that service

see log into another IM service
see add a pal from another IM service

opens an instant message with a pal on your pal list

tell a pal
sends an email to your friends to invite them to join you on paltalk

launches the secure subscription page and transparently logs you into and pre-populates your nickname on the subscription form

note: toolbar functions are duplicated on the 'actions' menu