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PLEASE read this page!  We have found that the most common subscription problems are due to users entering incorrect or incomplete information during the payment process!  The time you spend here will insure a smooth transition to your subscriptions.

The payment forms will NOT create nicknames for you.  If you enter an incorrect spelling, you may actually be paying for someone else's account unintentionally.  This is a VERY frequent mistake!

Paltalk will not modify subscriptions for vanity.  Once you subscribe for a nickname you are stuck with it!  Be sure you are happy with your choice BEFORE you subscribe.

When you subscribe to Paltalk Plus, you must subscribe for a currently active Paltalk account. You should be able to log into, and use this account right now!  If you do not have a currently active Paltalk nickname you will need to download Paltalk, install it, and then create an new nickname.

You should write down the exact spelling of your chosen nickname and pay close attention to any spaces, underscores, numbers etc....  Jerry102 is not the same as Jerry 102 or Jerry_102.

click HERE to learn how to create a new nickname

When buying accounts for your friends please pay close attention to the spelling of their nicknames just as you have done with your own subscription.  They must also have active accounts on Paltalk.

Be sure to use your OWN valid email address when buying subscriptions for friends.  This assures that you can stop any recurring charges to your card.

click HERE to find out how to keep your email address up to date


Email address
Be sure that the email address that you enter on the subscription page is a valid email address that you check daily. 

All confirmation emails and information regarding your account will be sent to this address.  This includes expiration notifications and payment information.  If you enter a bogus email address you will not get any of this critical information!

Since you are becoming a subscriber you have no fear of getting advertisements, because as a member you are excluded from these ad-mails.  The only ad-mail you will get is those that you have chosen to 'opt-in' when you initially registered with Paltalk.  You may stop those emails by clicking the unsubscribe link (usually located on the bottom of the mail) the next time you receive one.

note:  We suggest that you use a POP3 email address when subscribing.  This is usually what your ISP provides you with.  Web based email accounts are much more easily hacked or stolen, which can result in password theft.  Protect your account by using safe and secure email.

see updating your email address

Postal codes
Postal codes vary from country to country.  If you live in the USA use your 5 digit ZIP code.  If you live outside of the USA your postal code may be only 4 digits long.  If this is the case enter a 0 (zero) in front of your postal code when entering your information.  Example.. post code 3456 = post code 03456.  If your postal code is longer just enter it in it's entirety.

Post codes cannot contain spaces.  If your post code has a space in it, just remove the space when entering it.  Example: If your post code is T52 978, you would enter T52978.

Getting Started with your new subscription
When you subscribe to Paltalk, there is nothing to download! We automatically make a note of your new subscribed status within your Paltalk account. The next time you login to Paltalk, your nickname should appear in blue or green (depending on subscription level), and you should not see any banner advertising. If you still see advertising, select 'preferences' from the 'setup' menu on the main 'pal list window'. Now select the 'banners' tab on the setup window. Uncheck everything! You will also now be able to enjoy enhanced video in all Paltalk chat rooms and with family and friends.

Paying by Credit Card
Paltalk currently accepts American Express, Visa, and Mastercard. We are adding Discover and Diners Club in the near future.

note:  Visa Check Cards work just like a Visa credit card.

Be sure your credit card is not expired and that your account is in good standing. It may also be helpful to have a recent billing statement handy. The reason for this is to be absolutely sure that the information you are about to enter matches your statement. You will be asked for your name and billing address. If the information does not match your statement your credit payment will not go through.

Check your card to be sure it has the new 3 or 4 digit security code printed on it. This is usually on the back of your card near the place where you write your signature. Some cards have it located on the front just above your last name. This information is required to be entered in order to prevent fraud.

pay by credit card

Paying by Check or Money Order
When sending a check or Money Order by mail please allow at least 14 business days for your account to be activated. Payments take time to be processed and your account cannot be enabled until we receive verification of payment from the banking system. There is a $5.00 processing fee attached to all payments made by mail. Please be sure to add this amount to your payment when sending it.

Send your payment to:
Paltalk Team

AVM Software
P.O. BOX 326
Jericho, NY 11753

pay by check or money order

Renewing Your Subscription
If you selected "auto-renew" on your credit card payment form, your account will be charged again upon expiration of your current subscription. This is done with your consent to assure no lapse of service. Before the charge takes place you will be notified by email and have the option to cancel your subscription before the automatic renewal takes place.

If there has been a rate increase your card will be charged at the new rate. Again, you may cancel before any charge is made.

If you want to stop automatic renewal, simply click the unsubscribe link when you get your email notification. The unsubscribe link is also contained in the original subscription confirmation email we sent you. You may also login at at any time to cancel auto renewal or update your email address. Make sure your Paltalk account has your current email address.

cancel recurring charges to your credit card

Canceling your Subscription
At the end of your current subscription, you will receive an email informing you that your subscription is about to expire. If you paid by credit card and selected "auto-renew", your account will be automatically charged if you do not reply. You have the option to stop this automatic charge by clicking the unsubscribe link included in the email. If you do not have your email, login at to cancel auto-renewal. (NOTE: This link is ONLY for PalPlus6 subscriptions.)

If you paid by check, money order, or pay-pal, you will need to submit payment again to avoid a lapse of service. To cancel simply let your subscription expire without submitting a new payment.

If you need a refund or were charged multiple times because you pressed the submit button too many times, email

Banned Paid Accounts
If you break the Paltalk terms of service, we reserve the right to terminate your service with no refund. Purchasing a PalPlus6 subscription does NOT grant license to break Paltalk policy. If you feel that you have been banned unfairly contact any Paltalk helper or admin for help.

Most Paltalk bans are temporary and expire in a few days. If you get banned please just serve your time and return when the ban has expired. Harassing Palhelpers or disrupting help lobbies only inflames the situation and may even result in a harsher penalty.

see bans and restrictions

Billed Multiple Times for Paltalk Service
Sometimes when you submit your payment information, the bank which issued your credit card puts a temporary hold on funds even though your credit transaction was declined. This does not mean funds were taken from your account, your funds are on "hold". Your bank may hold additional funds each time you submit the Paltalk payment form. If we inform you that the payment was declined, the funds will not be transferred to Paltalk. The bank should release the "held" funds within 7 days.

see charged multiple times

Secret question and answer
If you intend to subscribe to any of our services you need to be aware of our new 'nickname security' methods.

When you subscribe to any of our services we automatically enable 'nickname security' on your account.

Nickname security protects your account by demanding your 'secret question and answer' if you log in from a different computer.

If you do not know the 'secret question and answer' that you chose at registration DO NOT subscribe for this nickname!  Make a NEW nickname and be sure to save your registration information in a safe place before subscribing!

click HERE to learn how to create a new nickname

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Exchange rates
All funds and rates are based on the American dollar.  The current currency exchange rates will effect the amount charged to your account when paying by credit card.

If you are paying by mail be sure to add the $5.00 transaction fee to the subscription rate, then convert that rate from American dollars to your local currency.  This is the amount you will need to send in the mail.

Click HERE for a currency converter powered by