Privacy settings

This area is where you may set your level of privacy.

Step 1
select 'setup preferences' from the 'file' menu on the main 'pal list window'

Step 2
select 'privacy' from the left hand pane of the setup and preferences window

Step 3
select a privacy option from the 'who can contact me' area of this window

allow all users to contact me

any Paltalk user will be able to message you anytime you are online including file transfer requests and invitations to rooms

invites and file transfers from pals only, IM from anyone
anyone may send you instant messages at any time, but only people on your pal list will be able to send you file transfer requests or invitations to chat rooms

allow contact from pal list only
nobody will be able to contact you unless you have added them to your pal list

note:  most users will elect to 'allow contact from pal list only' to avoid unwanted contact or harassment.
see adding pals

Block list management
If you 'block' a user they will not be able to contact you in any way using the nickname that you block.  You should always use the block feature to rid yourself of bothersome users.

If users change names to continue harassing you, you should set your privacy to 'allow contact from pal list only' as this will eliminate their ability to contact you on other names that you may not have blocked yet (see privacy settings above)

block a user
press the 'add block' button

the 'add a pal' window appears

enter the nickname you wish to block into the 'add a pal' window and press the 'search' button

select the person you wish to block from the search results listing and press the 'block pal' button

note:  once you block a person you can remove them from your pal list

remove a block
To remove someone from your block list select their name in this window and then press the 'remove' button.