Video overlay and doodle mode

The video preview window is where you see your 'outgoing' streaming video.

Your video preview window will be displayed at the best size for maximum video performance or within the video strip.

Under your outgoing image on the video preview area you will notice a drop-down menu that contains several pre-set overlay options.

If you are using the video strip feature, overlays are available by using the drop-down menu in the 'start my webcam' or 'self view' area on the right side of the video strip.

select an option from the menu to use as your overlay

none - no overlay - clears previously selected overlays

dog - an animation with a transparent center, moving clouds, and a dog

doodle - lets you draw on the screen with your mouse

fishbowl - swimming fish

hearts - a frame with floating hearts

my name is - a box with a transparent center and the message 'my name is'

prison - puts you 'behind bars'

import custom overlay - allows you to import .swf files as overlays

note:  be sure your imported overlay has a transparent background - you can 'right click' on your preview window to adjust quality, looping and zoom

overlays are located in...  c:\users\%your user name%\app data\roaming\paltalk\overlays