Paltalk Premium Rooms


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  Control banners served in your room
  Lock your room for any number
  Enjoy 24/7 customer support
  Free Paltalk Extreme for the duration of your subscription
  List your room in blue whether you are in it or not
  Access your room from a unique link on a website or email
  Choose templates/graphics to personalize your room (soon)
  G OR R rated only
  List your room in 'green' and receive priority category listing whether you are in the room or not
  Double/Premium listing
  Expanded/unlimited room sizes available
  Any room rating
  Room gets listed in rotation in Featured Room category on Paltalk messenger
  'Pal-Cast' audio webcast capability
  Access to your room from a unique link on a website or email
  Control banners served in your room
  Free Paltalk Extreme for the duration of your subscription
  Lock your room
  24/7 Live Customer support

  A Paltalk premium room offers you the ability to have a voice enabled storefront or meeting place on the world wide web.

All you need is a credit card and a Paltalk account.

Premium rooms provide extra features like the ability to  serve your own banners to your chat room window!

Premium rooms offer greater visibility due to the fact that you can leave them open 24/7.

For even greater visibility, premium rooms will show in a 'color' that is determined by your subscription level in the chat room list windows. This lets any user know at a glance that your chat room is a premium room.

Assign as many admins as you like to keep the store open and manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Premium rooms can be locked for privacy. Select a 'lockword' when setting up your chat room. You may change your 'lockword' as often as you like.



Setting up

Select 'create my room' from the 'actions' menu on the 'pal list window', or click the 'my room' button on the 'chat rooms' tab.  Follow the simple instructions to construct your room, select your level of payment, and enter your banner and web site locations. That's it!

For detailed information on chat room setup click HERE.




Serve your own banners!

You can have your own banners show to all guests in your chat room.  This allows you to have a professional and personalized look for your room.

This is a great feature and has been requested time and time again.  Increase the earnings potential of your room by adding a snappy banner.

If you need help creating your own banners click HERE




Security Features

You should be aware that Paltalk does server maintenance from time to time. This is usually done on Saturday in the early morning (EST).  When this happens your room will go back to 'default settings'.  You may wish to have an assigned admin check your room settings on a regular basis.

Some of these settings are made on your chat room creation form.  These include settings like making your room permanently visible to all users.  Other settings cannot be made on your page such as 'new user gets mic' and 'red dot text'.

Rooms that are set to be permanently open (because of the desire to show your banners and popup website) are left in the following state after a server restart.

New user gets mic = OFF (nobody may speak in the room)

Red Dot Text = ON (nobody may type in the room)

When any assigned 'admin' returns to your room they may release these settings by selecting 'Give mics to all' from the 'admin' menu in the chat room window.

If you are running Paltalk version 5 or above you can use the 'Administrative Console' (available from the 'admin' menu) to make changes to these settings.

The 'admin monitor' can be used to keep track of the activities of the people you choose to admin in your room. Click HERE for more information.

You can make your room into a 'members only' room by using the 'Access List' feature. Click HERE for more information about 'members only rooms.

For more information about room controls click HERE.




At the end of your current subscription you will receive an email informing you that your subscription is about to expire.  If you pay by credit card your account will be automatically charged if you do not reply in a timely fashion.

You have the option to stop this automatic charge by clicking the unsubscribe link included in the email.  If you do not have your email click HERE to stop auto-renewal. (NOTE: This link is ONLY for premium room subscriptions.)

If you paid by check, money order, western union, or pay-pal, you will need to submit payment again to avoid a lapse if you wish to continue the service.  If you wish to cancel, simply let your subscription expire without submitting a new payment.

If you need a refund or were charged multiple times because you pressed the submit button too many times, email



Making changes to your room:

You may make changes or modifications to your room at any time.  Go to your 'chat room creation form' and make any changes you wish.  Be sure to press the modify button at the bottom of the page when you are done.

Once you make any changes to your room you MUST close the room down (not simply leave, but close the room completely using the admin console under the 'admin' menu in your room window) and then re-open it.  If you do not do this your changes will not take effect until our server restarts and your rooms info is reloaded from our database!

Click HERE for info about setting up or modifying your room.

Click HERE for info on closing your room and other controls.

Making changes to your subscription:

You may make changes or modifications to your subscription at any time.  Select 'My Paltalk' from the 'file' menu on the main pal list window.

Once you are logged in select 'My Subscription' on the left of the page.  All of your currently running subscriptions will be listed. Click on the subscription to your premium room.

From here you can modify the size of your room.  The size of your room will not change however until your current subscription renews at the end of the month.  Your credit card will be charged at the new rate at this time.

Be sure your email address is correct by selecting 'My Email' on the left of the page.  Be sure this is a real email address that you check regularly!  All information about your account is sent to this email address including re-subscribe notices and an opportunity to terminate the subscription before a charge is made to your card.

By selecting 'My Account' you can update your credit card information if you change cards or your current card is expiring.

Click HERE to go to the My Paltalk web site.