7 Dad Jokes for Your Technology-Loving Father

In celebration of Father’s Day in several countries around the world, we’ve collected some of our favorite tech-themed Dad Jokes. We are also excited to announce our two winning submissions: ThanhTuan from Vietnam and freebird2016 from the UK. These lucky users get a 1-month VIP subscription!


Thank you to all who submitted jokes, we couldn’t stop giggling. We wish everyone a fun and joy-filled day connecting with those you love. Share these deliciously awful technology/humor combos to Dad and use the hashtag #techdadjokes to let us know what he thinks!


​The one with two parts:

That IT guy seemed a little bitter to me. He must have had a microchip on his shoulder.


The one that ropes the family into it:

Did you hear that Uncle Joe dropped a computer on his toe? He says it megahertz.


The one with classic bad pronunciation:

You could say that personal ad you posted on the internet is a kind of... dater-processing.


The pop culture one:

Son: "Why does the desktop background say Hello?" Dad: "Because it's A Dell."


The couples humor one:

Mom: "All you do is sit on the computer all day." Dad: "No dear, I sit on the chair in front of it."


The one with father/son bonding (WINNER – ThanhTuan):

Dad on son's Facebook wall: "Dear Son, How are you? All are fine here. We miss you. Please turn off the computer and come downstairs for dinner!"


The one you know really happened (WINNER – freebird2016):

My dad came into the living room once and put his laptop on the radiator. He looked at me. "It's frozen again!"


Happy Father’s Day from the Paltalk Team to you and yours!


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