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/ Posted by Julia
As a tool of connection, video chat has no equal. It is immediate, aural, and visual — qualities that liken it to face-to-face interaction, a strong recommendation to our social natures. Unlike audio and text chat, video chat demonstrates our conversational partner’s physical existence, independent of their physical presence. We look them in the two-dimensional electronic representation of an eye and know that, somewhere in the world, they exist.That is a truly modern experience.
/ Posted by Julia
Well, here we are.  Game of Thrones is nearly back to rip out our guts, put them in a heap, light them on fire, dance in the flames, and go. Surprisingly, this process Season 6 was relatively painless. Sure, we had some emotional devastation courtesy of magic time travel nonsense and a couple of bummer arrows, but all in all, it seems we’re in a good place embrace the pain again. Still, it’s a rough life in Westeros, what with the backstabbing and the death and the inefficient communication systems, so we thought we’d take a stab (pun very much intended) at improving at least one of those.
/ Posted by Ann
Goddess of all, queen of the beautiful people, and just plain rockstar Beyoncé spends a lot of time preaching goodness and love. She's a tireless supporter of positive self-image, fierce and earnest kindness, and people supporting people. No matter where she is or whom she is talking to, she never fails to bring some wisdom to the situation. So here are a few wise words from Queen Bey herself on how you should behave in chat rooms (because you know she was totally talking about chat rooms).
/ Posted by Amy
Back for our third week, we have a #PaltalkLoveStory from Kiddo (paltech) and lil_miss_snippy, together for 6 years! If you have a Paltalk Love Story, share @paltalk on Twitter with the hashtag #PaltalkLoveStory.
/ Posted by Amy
Here's our second #PaltalkLoveStory, featuring Merlin and Angel, together for 11 years! If you have a Paltalk love story for us, find us on Twitter @paltalk with the hashtag #PaltalkLoveStory.

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