Electronic Education: Using Chat Rooms to Understand Politics

Chat rooms and politics may seem like two unrelated topics. However, chat rooms can be valuable tools in easily and quickly connecting people interested in politics. By joining a chat room on a certain subject or creating  yourself, you can meet others who want to engage in political discussions.

According to a Pew study from May 2016, 62% of Americans get at least some of their news from social media. With so many people using the Internet to receive their news, it comes as no surprise that they would also use it to discuss newsworthy topics. This year, there’s not much more newsworthy than politics. Online chat rooms are the perfect place to facilitate relevant worldwide conversations.

Chat rooms help facilitate global conversations.One instance in which chat rooms can be useful to political discussion is in providing the opportunity for users to talk about the issues with like-minded people. It can be beneficial to speak with others who share your beliefs, in order to reinforce and strengthen your convictions. Knowing that others agree with your point of view can also make you feel more confident and passionate. It can also provide further evidence in support of your position.

Conversely, if you enter a chat room containing people who disagree with you, you can engage in friendly debate and try to understand multiple perspectives. By educating yourself on every aspect of an issue, you can only make your argument more credible and respected. If both sides of a debate politely disagree, considering other points of view can be an excellent way to test and weigh your beliefs. While it may be an uncomfortable experience, challenging yourself to see another side is a good way of gauging how informed you are and how strongly you hold your beliefs.

The 2016 presidential election in the United States is a highly debated issue provoking strong opinions in many people. There are others, however, that are struggling to choose a candidate to support. For the undecided, visiting chat rooms supporting each candidate can help them understand each side’s point of view. By asking questions and discussing the issues, a chat room user gets a well rounded view of their options. The discussions and people in a chat room can help an undecided voter determine their choice of candidate.

Additionally, many chat rooms have international users, meaning political discussions are not limited to a particular location. If a user is interested in the politics of another country, they can find chat rooms dedicated to that country or specific topic and join the conversation. They can also guage an international perspective on their own country’s political activity. Users will be exposed to more diverse and international viewpoints in chat rooms than by simply watching the local news or reading a local newspaper.

Chat rooms have evolved to be more than places for meeting people and making friends. Now not only can you find others in chat rooms who share a common interest, but you also can educate yourself and change the ways you think about certain topics. With access to such a large number of people around the world, the ideas, experiences, and knowledge you can exchange are limitless. Get out there, learn what you can, and don’t forget to vote!

Don't forget to vote!

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