Everything you need to know about the Paltalk World Cup

Gift your favorite room & help them win the match.

Join in on the fun as 32 of our best chat rooms have been pitched against each other in a battle for gifting Supremacy.

The Format – the Qualifying Round

Just like the World Cup, there will be a Qualifying Round and an Elimination Round. For the Qualifying Round, all rooms have been assigned to a group. A round robin competition will take place where the rooms will compete in a series of three matches against the other rooms in their group. Each room’s goal will be to out gift the other room when matched. After the three matches have been played, the top two rooms from each group will advance to the Elimination Round.

Note: The gifts being tallied are those sent to the ROOM not sent to members in the room. In addition, the total number is based on gifts sent NOT the gift point value. Example: Room A is sent 5 roses worth 50 credits each and Room B is sent 4 MegaCar gifts worth 2,000 credits each. Room A wins (5-4).

Group pairings for the Qualifying Round

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Group pairings for the Qualifying Round

Sunday April 27 Match One: All Groups: 1 vs. 2 and 3 vs. 4
Monday April 28 Announcement of winners from Match One
Tuesday April 29 Match Two: All Groups: 1 vs. 3 and 2 vs. 4
Wednesday April 30 Announcement of winners from Match Two
Thursday May 1 Match Three: All Groups: 1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3
Friday May 2 Announcement of winners from Match Three and teams that are advancing to
the elimination round

The standings

After each match, the standings will be represented by the reshuffling of the order in each group which is currently in the rank of play position (1-4).

NOTE: The room’s play position does not change and does not have any correlation with the standings. So a team with a play position of 1 can be in last and put in the bottom row of a group. Total points will also be posted at that time. This figure will be used for any tie breaker, so every gift counts.

The Format – the Elimination Round

In the Elimination round, all rooms will be assigned a seed based on the results of the Qualifying Round. A single elimination competition will take place where two rooms will compete. Again, each room’s goal will be to out gift the other room that they are matched against to advance into the next round until we have one ultimate winner!

Bracket for the Elimination Round

Qualifying Round Match Schedule

Sunday May 4 Round 1 (all 16 teams play)
Monday May 5 Announcement of winners from Round 1
Tuesday May 6 Quarter finals (8 teams play)
Wednesday May 7 Announcement of winners from Quarter Finals
Thursday May 8 Semi Finals (4 teams play)
Friday May 9 Announcement of winners from Semi Finals and Championship match
Saturday May 10 Day 1 of two day championship Match
Sunday May 11 Day 2 of Championship Match
Monday May 12 Announcement of Paltalk World Cup Winner

How To Compete

Members enter the completing rooms and send gifts to the room for a 24 hour period from 12:00am EDT to 11:59 EDT. Every gift sent to the room will count toward the room point total. After the 24 hour period has concluded, the points will be totaled after reviewing the data from our servers and the winner of the match will be announced on the blog or Facebook.


The top 4 rooms will win prizes to share as they wish:
1) 10,000 virtual credits and 5 GOLD and 5 VIP subscriptions
2) 7,000 Virtual credits and 5 VIP subscriptions
3) 5,000 Virtual credits and 3 VIP subscriptions
4) 3,000 Virtual credits and 3 VIP subscriptions


All members are eligible to participate. Members are not obligated to participate. Actions from all Platforms (Desktop and Mobile) are eligible.

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