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To Me, From Me

Win An Annual VIP Subscription!

We are gifting 10 Annual VIP subscriptions for FREE ($139.95 value) to the members who send the most Virtual Gifts now through September 19th!

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Getting Started


It’s simple – get social and send lots of Virtual Gifts now through September 19th. ALL Virtual Gifts count, including Individual and Group gifts. Gift YOURSELF >> It still counts!


More on the prize!


The top 10 Gifters will win free VIP Service for a YEAR ($139.95 value) – including a purple nickname, unlimited HD video, 500 free Virtual Gift credits, no ads, and exclusive member rewards!


  • The FREE VIP can be applied to your own nickname or gifted to a Pal.
  • Already VIP? No problem, add the FREE year to extend your current VIP service.


Am I winning?


Join our official Paltalk Facebook page >> to stay on top of the contest updates. We also run exclusive offers for our Fans, so be sure to Like Us and join in on the fun!

Keep track of your gift-gifting activity on your Paltalk Activity Page >>

  New Virtual Gift

To Me, From Me

First time Gifting? Follow the Blue Gift Box…

Virtual Gifts are a great way to break the ice and kick off a conversation with somebody in a chat room.

To send a Virtual Gift
Right-click on a Nickname in your Pal List or in the Chat Room Member List and choose the “Send Virtual Gift” option. Select a Gift of your choice, add a message, and click send! You can also click the Blue Gift Box icon in the tool bar of any IM window. And don’t forget to Gift Yourself >>.



  • Contest starts on Monday, September 16th @ 5:00pm EDT and ends on Thursday 19th @ 11:59PM EDT, only Virtual Gifts sent during this time period apply towards your winning total.
  • We are counting the total number of Virtual Gifts sent per unique member account, not the value of points sent or credits spent. The more you gift, the better your chances of winning.
  • You may and should Gift Yourself >>
  • Winners will be announced on Friday, September 20th on our Facebook page and contacted directly by one of our Paltalk team members.
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