Get a Room: Best Rooms to Meet for Romance


If you’re on Paltalk looking for love, or simply wouldn’t mind if it looked for you, you’re in luck. With the help of some of our members, we’ve collected a list of rooms that, in members' experience, afford a good chance at online bliss. It might be surprising, but the love-focused rooms were not as popular as other categories. Based on our data, members in friendship-based rooms are much more likely to enter into a relationship, online or in person.

Make New Friends...Into Partners

In our search, by far the most popular room to meet people is Internationals Meet New Friends. This room is an old standby on Paltalk, with experienced moderators and lots of members passing through. It’s a great way to get to know people in a low-pressure environment full of chatting and tunes to put you at ease and provide a simple way to jump into a conversation. In fact, we believe it’s precisely this relaxed environment that helps more people meet and fall in love — it’s easier to make genuine connections when you feel like you can be yourself. For a place to start meeting people online, try this room. It’s all in the name.

Interests, Interests, Now How About A Drink

If you’re looking for more specific interests in potential partners, many members recommend music rooms ranging from 80s to karaoke, as well as more general rooms like Happy Catty Music. There’s something about getting your groove on, about the vulnerability of offering a song and the confidence of singing along, that people love. Plus, sharing a taste in music with a potential partner increases your chances for both a first date and a longer relationship. For a fun, flirty experience where you can show off and look silly without feeling embarrassed, give music rooms a try.

Another area of shared interests our members suggest is nationality-based rooms. Especially popular in the Middle Eastern and Asian countries, meeting someone in one of these rooms again guarantees you’ll have something to talk about (your country). It also might be an indication that you share particular life views or expectations for a potential partner, which makes it easier to determine those important aspects early in an acquaintance or relationship. As a bonus, it’s more likely that that person is near your location. You might even been able to meet up in real life! Follow our Offline Outings series for suggestions on where to go if you do.

Similarly, if religion is a big part of your life and your romantic plans, check out those categories, where it’s easy to find like-minded people around the world. Other topics our members mentioned that helped them connect include education (learn to read to each other in a new language, or learn your crush’s native tongue), technical support (help members use Paltalk better and work as a team), and adult rooms (for the more risque among you).

The Meet Deets

If you’re unconvinced Paltalk is a place to find love, here’s a sneak peek at some of the other insights we learn from our survey:

  • Of the members who indicated they’d had a romantic relationship with someone they met on Paltalk, 55% dated long distance, while 45% dated in person. You can make it work either way!
  • The most common duration of those relationships was 2-5 years. This is typical for most relationships, which is actually a good thing: video chat removes accessibility barriers to meeting people around the world, and doesn’t lose any of its effectiveness for being an online form of communication. Who knows, you could even be part of the 8.5% of respondents whose relationships lasted 10 years or more.
  • 51% of the members who replied were male and 45% were female (the other respondents preferred not to say), which means men and women are looking for love in similar numbers.

Don’t forget that follow-up is important, too. Many members suggest that, once you meet someone, you take your conversations into a DM to get to know eachother better. This keeps your conversation intimate and fun, now that you’ve discovered what you have in common. So get out there, Pals. If you’re looking for a partner to spend time with online or in person, check out these rooms on Paltalk — you never know who might stand out!

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