Goodbye Paltalk Classic

The time has come to say goodbye, Pals. Over the next few weeks, we will lay our much-beloved Paltalk Classic to rest. Born in the early days of the Internet, it’s served all of us well for many years. However, in that time it has racked up quite a few quirks that, while occasionally charming, prevent Paltalk Classic from being the best it can be.

Building software is just like building anything else. You make a strong foundation and work upwards. But the concrete pad that suits a mobile home isn’t appropriate for a three-level country style home. It can’t support everything the new home should be.

In the same way, while we’re proud of what we’ve built over more than two decades of business, the foundation of Paltalk Classic simply can’t handle the weight of twenty years’ rapid technological advancement. The software that makes Paltalk Classic run is outdated and clunky. Keeping Classic going encumbers our team with costly, unwieldy maintenance (which keeps our members offline for increasingly long periods) and takes resources away from the development you, our members, deserve and expect.

It’s time to bring Paltalk back to the cutting edge, to remind the early adopters of yesteryear just what we mean when we say “innovation”. Our team has worked tirelessly to make the all-new Paltalk look and feel like the modern application it is, to welcome new Pals worldwide without erasing the heart that make Paltalk a home for our long-time members.

We started with the foundation, completely rebuilding the software supports that were unwieldy before, slimming them down and cleaning them up so we can maintain and build much more easily, all while preserving the functionality you love. We’re bringing you a fresh perspective, but the idea is the original. Communicate. Connect. Share.

We’ve updated our look (controversial, we know) to help new users navigate with ease. It’s important to us that Paltalk grow with the times, that it be accessible to members living diverse lives in diverse places with diverse needs. But that includes you, long-timers, so we built Multi-Window Mode to make the new Paltalk more familiar for you, too. Check it out if you haven’t already.  (Plus, keep an eye out for some related news coming soon.)

More than that, we’ve created a series of new features to help you do what you do best — meeting people, taking stands, showing and sharing and finding your tribe. There’s the Leaderboards to help you keep track of your high-powered Pals; live Who’s Viewed Me alerts so you know who’s crushing; Video Filters that help you stand out from the crowd; search, sort, highlight, and zoom options to help you customize your experience; and many more! Recently, we’ve also added presenter modes to make it even easier to engage in group video chats with your Pals. Learn more about them here.

We’re constantly improving and expanding, utilizing member suggestions, feedback, and our team’s brightest minds to make Paltalk better every day.

We’ll admit it hasn’t always been easy. Luckily, we’ve had great conversations with many of you, providing thoughtful insight and meaningful advocacy for your communities and peers. You proved once again that communication and connection are key, and we’re so glad you folks are along for the ride. With the all-new Paltalk, adding those features you loved is relatively quick and painless, causing our team less hassle and giving you more time online with your Pals. Plus, as we move forward, we’ll be able to bring you even more new features faster than ever.

We welcome feedback that helps us further improve this product we love. If you have any questions or are feeling a little lost, please don’t hesitate to contact our Help Desk, where the team will be happy to assist.

So here we are. We’re ready to take the next step in Paltalk’s life, and we’re ready to take it with you. Thanks for being here, Pals. We couldn’t do it without you.

-Team Paltalk

Learn more about the all-new Paltalk on our blog and download today.

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