Oct 27,2014 10:51 AM / Published in Marketwired

Paltalk Partners With Radio Host Anthony Cumia to Provide Subscribers With an Interactive Talk Show Experience

Cumia's New Show on the Group Video Chat Community Allows Subscribers to Interact With Both the Host and One Another via Real-Time Chat

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - October 27, 2014) - Anthony Cumia, popular talk radio personality, has announced the launch of his partnership with group video chat platform, Paltalk (www.paltalk.com). Subscribers to The Anthony Cumia Show will receive exclusive access to live chats on Paltalk in which Cumia will interact with fans in real-time, broadcast exclusive behind-the-scenes content and feature fans on-air during the show.

The partnership between Paltalk and Cumia not only conveys the outspoken host's extremely loyal following but also the great benefit of having a platform like Paltalk for his and other celebrities' fan communities to interact directly with them and with each other. The new show is unique in its uncensored content and interactive format, in which subscribers can participate in video, voice and text chat with Anthony and one another in real-time on Paltalk.

The chat room is accessible 24/7 exclusively to subscribers and capable of hosting thousands of simultaneous group and individual conversations at any given moment. It serves as an exciting and new way to bring Cumia's listeners together in one place -- as early testing for the new show has recently begun on Paltalk, Cumia's fans have already begun aggregating and conversing in his designated chat room, even when Cumia is off the air and offline.

Paltalk will share revenue from subscriptions and virtual gift purchases generated through the show with Anthony Cumia.

"Many of our fans are already familiar with Paltalk, so it was an easy choice on where I'd host the show," said Cumia. "I love the real-time conversations that take place, and it's so much more interactive and intimate than social networks like Twitter -- and a hell of a lot more fun."

"We're excited to partner with Anthony Cumia on his new endeavor," said Jason Katz, Founder and CEO of Paltalk. "Paltalk provides a medium for broadcasters to interact in real-time with their fans and to monetize their engagement -- it's social TV epitomized. This is the future of entertainment."

Paltalk's unique, patented technology allows an unlimited number of individuals to group video chat with one another from any computer or mobile device. Over 2.2 million active users spend approximately 53 million minutes per day and 22 hours per month on Paltalk. Paltalk's international community self-organizes to discuss topics and shared experiences in a secure environment where personally identifiable information is never shared and anonymity is available.

For more information about Paltalk, please visit: www.paltalk.com

To join the live chat and subscribe to the Anthony Cumia Show, please visit: http://www.paltalk.com/partners/acumia/cumiaroom.html.

Founded in 1998, Paltalk is a leading provider of group video chat, powering the largest collection of live video chat communities anywhere. Paltalk enables people to meet and interact around topics, interests, content and culture, through real-time group chat. Paltalk owns 20 patents that cover core technology related to multiplayer online video games and video conferencing. Paltalk is focused on delivering a seamless cross platform experience for consumers that will drive the next generation of community, group chat and media consumption.

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