Uninstalling Paltalk

There are several reasons that you may wish to uninstall paltalk.  For example, you may wish to upgrade from an older version and want to be sure that all the parts of paltalk are removed so they may be replaced with an upgraded version.  Or, you may want to completely remove paltalk along with all of your user names and preference settings.

In one case you would want to preserve your user names and preference settings, and in the other you would want to remove all of your user names and preference settings.  Please follow the instructions carefully if you wish to preserve your paltalk user names and settings!

If you wish to uninstall paltalk:
click on the 'paltalk messenger' folder in your windows start menu

select' uninstall paltalk messenger'
windows may generate a window asking for permission to uninstall

select 'continue' to proceed

the 'paltalk uninstaller' window appears

if you change your mind and decide that you do not want to uninstall paltalk, click the 'cancel' button

if you are determined to uninstall  paltalk from your computer, click the 'next' button

removing all paltalk files and libraries

If you have chosen to uninstall and click the 'next' button, the uninstall window will display a list of files as they are being deleted, do not interrupt this process.

removing the interop module

After the file deletion has taken place, two more windows will appear.  The first is to  allow you to remove the paltalk 'interop' module.  This module is what connects you to other messengers such as MSN, Yahoo, and AOL.  You can leave this module in place if you are doing an upgrade, or you can remove it.  Removing the module will force a download of the module the next time you attempt to log into another messenger from paltalk.

click 'uninstall' to remove the module

click 'cancel' to leave the module in place

removing paltalk nicknames and preference settings
This next step is critical if you are simply upgrading and do not wish to delete your paltalk nicknames and preference settings.

 If you do NOT want to delete your paltalk nicknames and preference settings click 'no'. otherwise click 'yes' to completely remove these registry settings from your computer.

removing saved files
The next step allows you to keep or delete any file transfers you may have saved in the paltalk received files directory
click 'no' if you do not want to delete your saved files, otherwise click 'yes' to remove all files and the directory where they are stored.


finished uninstalling paltalk
This completes the uninstall process.  Click the 'finish' button to close the uninstall window.

You may wish to reboot your computer at this time, although it should not be necessary to do so.