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Jul 07,2016 12:15 PM / Posted by Paltalk
Thinking about an upgrade? Take Prime for a test drive! For a limited time, send any gift worth 500 credits or more and get 24 hours of Prime!


Jul 06,2016 04:45 PM / Posted by Julia
The next step in your Paltalk journey is getting the hang of chat rooms.

Chat rooms provide a public place to share your interests and meet people organically, without the pressure of face-to-face interactions. When joining a room, relax and remember: here, you can be whomever you want.

Jun 28,2016 12:15 PM / Posted by Julia

This week in the Paltalk for Beginners series, we’ve got the insider scoop on some of the best features Paltalk has to offer. These features might not be classified as “basics”, but as you’ll see, they’re easy to learn and can make your time online even more fun!

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