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Dec 30,2015 01:30 PM / Posted by Paltalk


For a limited time only! Share a cold one with your pals by sending them FREE Molson Virtual Gifts and Stickers.

Now availabe to send in the Virtual Gift Store. Cheers!

Say hello with Molson
Dec 24,2015 12:45 PM / Posted by Paltalk

 The BOGO sale is now over. Thanks to everyone for another great year at Paltalk. Happy New Year!

The current Buy One Get One FREE sale is available HERE.

Plus - $39.95

Extreme - $59.95

VIP - $99.95

Purchase one of the above and get another of the same subscription to give to a friend for FREE!

We are sorry but PRIME is not included in this sale.

Please use the link above.  If you have difficulties or have questions, please visit customer support.  Elves are standing by to assist you!

This subscription does NOT auto-renew, but you will be notified by email before it expires.

Please be sure you have a valid email address on file with us so you don't miss out on important information about your subscriptions.

This sale started on Thursday December 24th at 9:30 am and will end on Monday December 28th at 10:00 am.  All times are Eastern Standard Time.  When the sale is over, it's over.  No exceptions so buy now!

We are sorry but this offer is not available for purchase in the Middle East.

You may however send the gift portion of this subscription to anyone you like regardless of location, including the Middle East.

The presence of this page after a sale has expired does not constitute an extension of the sale.  Expiration dates and times are final.

Dec 01,2015 11:45 AM / Posted by Paltalk

Prime Time for Stickers

We're releasing three new stickers this month: Rad Banana, Mayor Meow, and Captain Martain and a contest to win an Annual Prime Subscription along with them. Watch the store each week to see when these stickers go live. Each sticker pack gives you a better chance to win. Collecting the first pack grants you ONE entry, the second pack TWO additional entries, and the third pack THREE additional entries, for a grand total of SIX entries into our Prime lottery. Ask your pals to send one of these fun Sticker Packs or even Gift Yourself!

Buy Credits


  • Can only be redeemed by Basic, Plus, Extreme, and VIP Members
  • Only 'Rad Banana', 'Mayor Meow', and 'Captain Martain' Sticker Packs apply to the contest. No other gifts will be counted towards the contest.
  • Contest occurs during September 2015. Watch the Virtual Gift Store to see when the new Sticker Packs are released! Only gifts received during this time period will apply to the contest.
  • At the end of the month the lottery will be held. Contestants with 1 pack will have 1 entry. Contestants with 2 packs will have 3 entries. Contestants with 3 packs will have 6 entries. One account will be chosen and granted a 1 Year Prime Subscription
  • You may and should Gift Yourself!


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