Paltalk Bug Report System

Before you submit your bug report, please read the tips below to ensure you give the best information possible in your report:

  • The aim of a bug report is to let our bug swatting team see the bug with their own eyes. Try to give them detailed instructions so that they see it, and then fix it!
  • Another important part of a bug report is to describe exactly what went wrong. Write what you saw, and also state what you expected to see. Include any the error messages you see too.
  • Write clearly. Say what you mean, and make sure it can't be misinterpreted.
  • Above all, be descriptive. More information is far better than less – let us know what you were doing at the time you saw the bug. For example, were you viewing cams, talking on mic, or just chatting in text. All information is good information!

Ok, lets submit this bug to be swatted!

Unable to upload the photo, the file is over the acceptable size. Maximum size is 1MB.

Device/Operating system
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Images must be jpg, gif, png or jpeg with a file size of 1MB or smaller.

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