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Feb 08,2019 09:00 AM / Posted by Paltalk

Roses are red, nicknames are pink.

Send a rose to let your crush

know what you think!

Dec 12,2018 12:15 PM / Posted by Paltalk
Enhanced recognition for your most impressive Pals.

You folks are pretty spectacular. Every day, you connect with friends and strangers, new and old, all around the world. Some of you have been with Paltalk for two decades. It's about time you got some recognition.

Nov 30,2018 04:00 PM / Posted by Paltalk

For twenty years, you've helped shape Paltalk into a diverse, international communication app. Thank you for making so many great memories with us. You're invited to celebrate all month long with a chance to win a Paltalk LIFETIME Prime Subscription!

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