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Sep 14,2018 01:30 PM / Posted by Julia

If you’re on Paltalk looking for love, or simply wouldn’t mind if it looked for you, you’re in luck. With the help of some of our members, we’ve collected a list of rooms that, in members' experience, afford a good chance at online bliss.

Aug 27,2018 03:15 PM / Posted by Julia

Connecting online has never been easier. Sometimes, however, people like to meet face to face to connect further. This series explores ways to take your online relationships, either platonic or romantic, into the real world, with suggestions for exciting and free things to do on a meetup with a Pal. As always, never walk into a situation in which you feel unsafe. Be smart, trust your best judgement, and have fun!

Aug 20,2018 12:45 PM / Posted by Julia

There are plenty of places you can use live video to chat with your friends, family, and anyone else online. But despite the fact that video chatting has been around for a long time, and is now a high-tech, superior form of communication, some people still need convincing. If that sounds like you (or a friend of yours), we’re here to bust some of the myths you might have heard about video chat.

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