Congratulations to N0N, ❡, and Bno, winners of 1 Month Red Nickname Contest!  For the rest of September, we’re holding our newest Leaderboard Contest, with a top prize of a 1 Month Red Nickname! Top members in each of the Paltalk leaderboards at the end of the contest will receive a Red Month Nickname. If

Millions of people are hunkered down, implementing social distancing and work-from-home norms because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has hampered regular social life. All of a sudden, Saturday night movies, dinner with friends, or just a drink at the local bar is a far fetched dream. Although maintaining personal health and safety is of utmost

The dreaded Coronavirus has gripped the world since the beginning of this year and it’s all-pervasive. The number of positive cases is only on the rise though the severity and survival rate has improved as medical professionals and the public learn more about treatment and prevention. However, the restrictions and the aftermath of the limitations