Comparison: All-New Paltalk Takes Paltalk Classic to School

As you know, for many months our team has been hard at work creating an improved and accessible Paltalk for members new and old. Many of our long-time Pals have been vocal about the changes, both in support and in opposition, and while the road to change is long, we are very grateful for all of the considered feedback we’ve received. It has helped us create a product we are proud of, and we want to showcase the enhancements and additions we’ve made to elevate the all-new Paltalk above Paltalk Classic. We hope that this comparison will highlight the all-new Paltalk’s superior qualities and help our members understand the value and ease in this new product (once you get used to it wink).

Feel free to jump around the list to those features that really interest you! To begin, let’s start with the improvements we’ve made to features shared between versions.

First is 1 to 1 Video Calling (also known as direct video chat). This feature is integral to Paltalk’s identity as a chat application that encourages evolving friendships. However, Paltalk Classic’s 1:1 calling faces all the challenges of a decade-old system. The all-new Paltalk, built on a fresh technological foundation, has none of that baggage. Instead, we’ve revitalized 1:1 with a sexy new interface; detachable and full screen video mode; and an optimized video component running at a snappy 24fps to get the most out of every camera. You’ll literally be able to see the difference!

Second in the shared list of features is the Admin Console. Paltalk Classic’s admin console, accessed from the Admin menu in a room you own/admin, is very basic. The new version of the admin console includes three specific tabs: 1) room management (General), 2) member management (Bans & Bounces), and 3) admin management (Manage Admins). Managing your admins in-app is a completely new feature that used to be housed exclusively on your web account. The Admin Console brings it to your fingertips, no leaving the app requied! Additionally, the displays are larger and less cluttered, making it easier to solve your problem quickly. You also can see the full text of your room topic and welcome message without having to scroll, which is a nice little perk.

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Now, on to the bonus goodies!

The all-new Paltalk has a new featured section, in-app Leaderboards. It has its own tab below Home and Room on the left of the screen. With the Leaderboards, you can see live rankings in your region, among your Pals, or across the whole of Paltalk.

In order to improve navigational ease, we’ve added a tab called My Rooms to the Rooms section. This is a collection of the rooms you administrate (including rooms you own) and the rooms you follow. Like the new Admin Console, My Rooms is all about ease of access. It provides not only a quick collection of your most important rooms on Paltalk but also a brief overview of your association to those rooms. No more forgetting about an admin assignment or scrolling through search results!

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Within rooms, we’ve added features to help you monitor the activity of your Pals and fellow room members. The Room Notification Bar at the top of any room you join allows you to see when members send Gifts, go live on cam, or join the room after you. It also provides Live Who’s Viewed Me Alerts when you are on cam, for every subscription level. Clicking into the Room Notification Bar displays an expanded live feed of gifters, viewers, and new joins. This means you no longer have to leave the room to see who has viewed your cam. Plus, anytime you send a gift worth 1000 credits or greater in a room or private chat, you and the other participants are treated to a cute animated Announcement Splash to celebrate your generosity.

When someone does view your cam, they can see your Crown stats in the upper left corner with the Crown Level and Points Video Display. This allows your Pals, followers, and fans to help you reach your next goal with ease. If you’re looking to increase your follower numbers in order to get ahead in the Crown game, stand out by using a Paltalk Video Filter to find the style that suits you best. It’s sure to stop the lookers-on in their tracks as they scroll through available videos with the View Next Video Button.

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In room and personal chats, we’ve included highlight options. By default, your Nickname is Auto Highlighted. You can also set lists of Custom Highlight Words (like a shorter version of your nick or your favorite TV show) so you never miss a message. We also highlight Whispers — visible to the participants only, of course! We’ve also made it faster to draft a Whisper by Auto Completing the Whisper Nickname so you don’t miss the moment or botch the spelling.

We’ve also made it our mission to improve the in-room interface. You’ve probably noticed that we no longer employ “Raise Hand” but rather use “Join Queue to Talk,” a distinction new members found much easier to understand. Along with this change, we’ve added a nifty Official Numbered Mic Queue to help prevent members cutting in line or speaking over one another. This feature also helps Admins keep track of who gets to speak next on mic.

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If you have trouble reading text on the new Paltalk and yearn for the days of crazy colors and font types just so you can tell lines apart, Zoom Text is a less headache-inducing solution! Within any room, click the hamburger menu in the far upper right corner (next to Room Video and Audio buttons), then use the zoom button to adjust to your desired size. To improve readability even further, we’ve added Chat Highlights for Prime Members. This helps by breaking up the normal look of the chat stream, and adds more value to Prime members’ subscriptions.

Alongside room management tools, we’ve added list management across the platform. Search Room and Pal Lists via the magnifying glasses. Use the dropdowns in your Pals list to filter recent contacts, or sort and show Pals based on who is (or recently was) online. Avoid endless scrolling and searching with the all-new Paltalk.

We hope for this list to be an ever-growing resource our members can explore as we continue expanding and finessing the product. It is part of an on-going initiative to streamline adoption of the new Paltalk, especially for our valued long-time members and we hope you will give the all-new Paltalk a try. We have been officially out of Beta for some time, so stay tuned for more detailed guides in the future. Tweet your constructive thoughts, feedback, and questions to us or contact our Support Team for fast assistance day and night.

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