Drum roll please….

Drum Roll…..

Thanks for taking part in the Top 10 Gifting Contest. We’re excited to announce the 10 winners of a FREE Year of VIP service.

And the winners are...

And here are our winners:

  1. J IoiiiJI
  2. wLiJI jcI
  3. ₣ห
  4. الأفـق
  5. o0o LACASTA o0o
  6. i_TuY DuYeN_i
  7. BMW_rdh
  8. 3 K S
  9. Q_Noy
  10. KHUMA102

Winners – During the next few days you will all be contacted on Paltalk by one of our great online staff to find out what you would like to do with your prize!

Visit our Facebook page to congratulate the winners.


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