Express Yourself

Get Sticking!


Make chatting more fun with new Paltalk Stickers. For just 50 Paltalk Credits, send yourself or a pal a Sticker Pack to use in chatrooms and IMs.

To get you started, we have provided you with a free Paltalk Sticker Pack. You must be on the latest version of Paltalk to send stickers.

Upgrade Paltalk >>


How do I get Stickers?


First, get the latest version of Paltalk >>. Once you’ve upgraded, just click on the sticker icon in your chat window and then select the “plus” button in the upper right corner of your pop up sticker window to open the Sticker Selector.

You can also send a pal or yourself a Sticker Pack the same way you would send yourself a Virtual Gift. Right-click your friend’s nickname (or your own) and select “Send Virtual Gift”. All Sticker Packs are available to send on the 50 Credit line in the Virtual Gift selector.


How long do Stickers last?


Stickers never expire unless noted and can be used over and over again. They will also remain on your profile and groups pages. Like Virtual Gifts, the Crown Points received with the gift do expire on a rolling 60-day basis.

You can find out more about Stickers on our Virtual Gifts & Stickers page >>.