Go on, Gift YOURSELF!

Our latest and greatest version is now available for download on Paltalk.com



Due to popular demand we have now made it possible to send yourself a virtual gift! So if you ever need a pick-me-up send yourself a Rose, Yummy Muffin, or even gift yourself VIP for a Week. Simply right-click on your own nickname on your Pal list and click ‘Send Virtual Gift’!

Give yourself a treat right now and click the button below to Buy Virtual Credits.


Buy Credits >>


The Best Gift Is the Gift To YOURSELF

Gift YOURSELF and earn Crown Points equal to the number of credits you spend on the gift. So, if you gift yourself a Sports Car for 500 credits, you receive 500 points towards your next crown (Points Received = Credits Spent).


In the latest version of Paltalk, which we released this week, you can also send yourself a gift by right-clicking on your nickname in the chat room and again choosing ‘Send Virtual Gift’. You can find out more about Virtual Gifts on our Virtual Gifts page.


The Paltalk Team