How You Can Stay Connected And Socialise As Coronavirus Pushes The World Into Self-Isolation Mode

Video ChatWe all know that the rapid outbreak of COVID-19 across the world has severely affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. As the pandemic worsens, government authorities have imposed strict region-wide lockdowns to curb the spread of the deadly disease as quickly as possible. For now, the best viable option is to quarantine ourselves and remain inside our homes to avoid being victimized by the novel coronavirus. No matter how difficult it may seem, social distancing has become the need of the hour.

Nevertheless, one cannot deny that remaining isolated for a long span of time can trigger anxiety. Maintaining consistent social connections with other human beings is essential for survival. Having no friends at all can lead to prolonged loneliness and even to clinical depression. Lack of human contact can prevent the release of feel-good hormones in your brain, including oxytocin, endorphins, and dopamine. Loneliness also causes poor appetite, restlessness, serious concentration problems, and loss of interest in pleasure-inducing activities.

Worst of all, social isolation can increase the mortality rate and pave the way for early death irrespective of an individual’s age, gender, or location. This is why being together with like-minded people and fostering long-lasting bonds is of paramount importance for every human being. Because we all have been pushed into self-isolation mode like the rest of the world, we must find innovative ways to stay connected with friends before loneliness takes a toll on our mental health. Unlike before, we can remain indoors and still connect with the world even during these stressful times.

Owing to the rapid advancements in the technological sphere, getting in touch with your beloved friends is a piece of cake. Although the traditional methods of communication like instant text messaging and voice chatting on social media networks are great for socialization, they are not always satisfying, as you don’t get to see the person on the other side of the screen. World-class video chat platforms like Paltalk can work wonders for facilitating communication between friends during COVID-19. Keep reading to learn about the different ways to stay in touch with individuals who live miles away.

The 4 best ways to remain connected via video chat technology amidst coronavirus isolation

Coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of people to seclude themselves in their homes and maintain social distance. Although remaining alone for a little while might help you vanquish stress and achieve peace of mind, prolonged isolation can have adverse psychological effects. When travel bans prevent you from driving to your friend’s place, you can resort to video chat technology to foster virtual relations. Listed below are the 4 best ways to remain connected amidst coronavirus isolation.

  1. Join a leading video chat platform and practice socializing at a distance

The best thing that you can do to connect with like-minded individuals amid the coronavirus pandemic is to join a leading video chat platform like Paltalk and practice distant socializing. You can indulge in live video call sessions immediately after setting up a simple profile on the platform. Beat the loneliness triggered by self-isolation by spending hours chatting with individuals who have the same hobbies and tastes as you. You might be so engrossed in the online conversations that being quarantined won’t bother you anymore! If you do experience boredom at any time, try spicing up your live video calls to quickly ignite excitement. Send varied forms of content to your friends, including videos, photos, documents, voice notes, or stickers to make your sessions more fun fast.

  1. Reach out to your old friends and swap stories over a cup of coffee

If plans to go out and celebrate with friends have fallen through due to the coronavirus outbreak, you can make use of video chat technology to your own advantage. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can reach out to your old friends via video chat tools with the utmost ease and convenience. From singing carols together to celebrating birthdays, there are plenty of activities that you can do virtually. Swap stories over a cup of coffee, engage in long and interesting discussions, play fun games, and crack jokes to showcase your sense of humor. You can talk about the good old times, share opinions and reminisce about pleasant memories. The more you converse with your friends, the easier it will be to handle the isolation caused by COVID-19. The best part about live video calling is that you can enjoy long uninterrupted chat sessions with your friends without spending any money.

  1. Visit live public chat rooms and befriend like-minded strangers for more fun

It is always preferable to register on a global video chat platform so that you can grow your network of friends in a short span of time. Choose an eminent video chat service provider like Paltalk to befriend like-minded strangers and cultivate relationships with them. All you have to do to meet new people is to visit live public chat rooms discussing topics you’re passionate about. You will encounter numerous people online who would be more than glad to give you company. More importantly, meeting new individuals will improve your mood and make you feel happier over time.

  1. Indulge in conference video calling to socialize and keep monotony at bay

It is an undeniable fact that quarantine can be emotionally challenging for many individuals. Thanks to present-day technology, we can utilize video chat tools to socialize and alleviate some of that burden. If you have been video chatting for a couple of days and feel things are getting monotonous, try using the technology a little more creatively. Instead of keeping your social connection limited to just one individual, make your friend circle bigger to have more fun. Indulge in conference video calling to video chat with multiple people simultaneously. With more friends on the other side of the screen, you are undoubtedly bound to enjoy the conversations more. You can debate on different topics, quiz each other, or play some music to make your video chat sessions more memorable.

3 essential points to keep in mind before getting started with live video calling

COVID-19 has made socialization difficult. People struggle staying in touch with their buddies, but the good news is that modern video chat technology can be really useful for connecting with friends in these times of turmoil. Make efforts to add more fun and excitement to your live video chat sessions and you’ll get a lot out of video chatting. Here are three essential points to keep in mind before getting started with live video calling, to ensure a stellar chatting experience with friends in the blink of an eye.

See to it that you have a high-speed internet connection: Many people are unable to enjoy video chat sessions with friends because of poor internet connection that causes dropped and disconnected calls. They get fed up with video calling and resort to some other method of communication like texting or voice chatting, which consumes less data. Having a stable network is essential as video calling requires more bandwidth than basic web browsing. If you want to avoid lag and buffering during your live video chat sessions, get yourself a high-speed internet connection for a seamless experience.

Make sure your device is fully compatible with the video chat application: Another important aspect of your experience is that your device, be it a smartphone or desktop, should be compatible with the video chat application you use for live chatting. You may have to upgrade your device or download the latest updates to run the newest version of the chat application. Compatibility is not a big issue as most devices come equipped with the capabilities necessary to support video chat tools. However, you should still make sure your device is compatible with the apps you choose. Of note, Paltalk’s video chat application is incredibly lightweight and it runs smoothly on all major devices. Even if you do not have a high-performance device in your possession, you shouldn’t encounter any issues while using Paltalk’s app.

Always video chat with friends from a quiet and well-lit room: Too much background noise can spoil your video calling experience and annoy your chat partner as well. When it comes to video chatting with your buddies, you must ensure that your room is quiet and there is no unnecessary noise that could be a barrier to communication. In addition, see to it that there is sufficient lighting in your room or else your friends might not be able to see you clearly on the screen. Video call your friends from a well-lit room to look your best during chat sessions.

Opt for a good external HD webcam: Obviously a webcam is essential for people looking to leverage video chat solutions to make new connections online. The webcam that comes built into your smartphone or computer is often subpar, as manufacturers compromise performance to maximize space for other things. Therefore, you might consider opting for a good HD webcam that will enhance your video chatting experience even further. Even if you have a tight budget, there are many affordable webcam options available in the market nowadays.

Regular face-to-face interactions with friends are essential for cultivating a jovial state of mind. Without the company of good people in life, everything seems repetitive and boring. According to leading health experts, it is extremely important for quarantined people to communicate with close friends and family members, even if only once in a while, to prevent depressive episodes and other negative health effects. The greatest advantage of regularly socializing via video chat technology is that it helps you beat the isolation blues so that you can get through lonely times without difficulty.

Owing to the increasing number of coronavirus cases globally, self-isolation is necessary to fight this contagious disease. What’s noteworthy is that authorities in different countries are striving really hard to stop the COVID-19 outbreak in as little time as possible. Being confined at home and avoiding physical contact is the only way to ward off coronavirus, but it is also important to note that limited social interaction can make you quite lonely and sad. Try to put in the needed effort to stay connected with the world outside and boost your happiness levels. By fostering robust bonds with new-found friends over the internet, you will be able to improve self-confidence and interpersonal skills at the same time.

A few decades ago, technology had not sufficiently advanced and making friends in the virtual world was not possible. Today, in the age of digital transformation, building connections online is simple provided that you know how to do it. Highly renowned video chat service providers like Paltalk allow users to reach out to similar individuals in different corners of the world. Getting started with video chatting is straightforward and easy — you only have to create a profile online. Once you are successfully registered on the Paltalk platform, you can begin conversing with friends for free. Make it a point to regularly indulge in video chatting sessions to cope with self-isolation and overcome quarantine monotony in an instant.