Introducing Who's Viewing Me

Check out who’s been checking YOU out on Paltalk!

Who’s Viewing Me is here! Now, you’ll be able to see who’s viewed your webcam or your Profile. Available only to Plus, Extreme and VIP members on the latest version of Paltalk, here is some important information about the new feature.

Your Cam


  • Whenever you publish your webcam in a chat room, a new icon and counter will appear with text that says “See who has viewed me”  
  • Anyone who views your webcam will cause your count to increase, this count will continue to grow as long as your webcam is on. 
  • If you shut off your webcam, the count will reset to zero.
  • ‘Who’s Viewed My Cam’ information will be saved for 14 days.
  • See Who Has Viewed Your Cam by visiting the My Paltalk page

Your Profile


  • If anyone has viewed your profile, they will be logged.
  • ‘Who’s Viewed My Profile’ information will be saved for 14 days.
  • See Who’s Viewed Your Profile by visiting the My Paltalk page, where you can also see the Who’s Viewed Your Cam section.

Member Status


  • Only Plus, Extreme and VIP subscribers on the latest version of Paltalk will be able to see the full list of members who have viewed their webcam and profile information.
  • Subscribed Members can go anonymous by clicking on the Settings link on your My Paltalk page. If you go anonymous, other members will not see which cams or profiles you have viewed.
  • You can click to view the profile or send an IM to anyone who has viewed your profile or webcam.
  • Basic members will not be able to access the detailed viewer information, just the number of people who have viewed your cam or profile in the last 14 days.
  • Grab the latest version of Paltalk to use this feature now!