Show Your Swag Contest

For the month of February, send any gift in the “Show Your Swag” category and you could win exclusive Paltalk swag and merch.

The top spender in February wins early access to a brand new sticker pack they help design. The top five spenders and 10 lucky randomly selected senders also win free Paltalk swag.

Explore the category and send some lovely gifts for a chance to win never-before-seen prizes to help rep your Paltalk spirit.

To check if you’re a frontrunner, see our current leaders below (updated weekdays). Remember, even sending one gift enters you into the random selection for free Paltalk swag.

Rank (2/21) Member
Qualifying Credits
1st 6rb 25150
2nd KhocMotMinh 23625
3rd zjlz Hung Xa Doa zjlz 13300
4th BangBang_u_Dead 11250
5th caravaggio2015 9800
6th SsSnakebite 9400
7th Bno 9325
9th west hall 8350
10th Adam-137 8075
11th Powell Nguyen 7875
12th 7125
13th بطلہ 6825
14th أسيرها 6075
15th snafiq6r 5300



  • – All members may participate by sending the qualifying gifts from the designated category
  • – Top spender winners are calculated based on total credits spent on qualifying gifts; randomly selected winners will be pulled from the entire pool of members who purchase any of the qualifying gifts
  • – Only the gifts in the designated “Show Your Swag” category count toward rankings
  • – Prizes cannot be gifted; winners may decline award participation
  • – Contest runs from Saturday, 1 February 2020 through Saturday, 29 February 2020; duration subject to change
  • – Prizes to be announced within the following week

Don’t miss out on these exclusive prizes! You could have a sticker pack made specifically for you, or a cozy shirt or cool tote to show off to your friends. Find the “Show Your Swag” category in the Paltalk Virtual Gift Store today!