Up Your Style Game with New Video Filters – Only on the All-New Paltalk

Blemishes bugging you? Hair looking lank? Just want to stand out? We have the answer. The Paltalk team is excited to announce Video Filters, exclusively on the all-new Paltalk!

Get that beach day glow, find your Hollywood spotlight, or take a trip back in time with these awesome filter effects. From retro to grunge, artsy to divine, lock down your best look today with Video Filters.

Applying a Filter is simple:Hover over your cam to reveal the magic wand. Click for filter fun!

  1. Cam up

  2. Hover over your video window

  3. Click the magic wand

  4. Poof — filters at your fingertips!

Use the arrows to scroll through effects until you find one that really speaks to you. Click the check mark to select it and the X to remove filters if you prefer to go au naturel. Filters will stick to your camera across rooms and sessions, even if you close your cam! Don’t worry, though — if you get bored, you can change or remove a Filter at any time.

(Members using Paltalk Classic will not be able to access the Video Filters feature, though they will be able to see the filters on others’ cams. Not currenly available for mobile. Want to make the switch to the modern Paltalk but aren’t sure how it works? Keep an eye on our blog for more information.)

    Try Video Filters today and let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter! New filters are coming soon and we’d love your input on your favorite styles. For more updates on our products and community, follow us here on the blog.

    Comparison of normal cam view and a filtered cam option.