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27 Sep 2017
  • What's good: Polaterality's anatomy and species classification could be a topic of debate. Some say he could be half man half PDF, others say more of a 70/30 split
  • What's bad: Polaterality's strange organs can emit a blinding light that may possess neurally disruptive qualities.


15 Jan 2009
  • What's good: nothing
  • What's bad: a room run by a retard for retards. not even a joke in sight with these basket cases.


14 Jun 2021
  • What's good: Polaterality loves to troll, flame and harass and appear to be intelligent however De bono's thinking hats doesn't include hating on others.
  • What's bad: Polat is prone to boring verbal gibberish in other rooms because he is incapable to keep he's own room alive. He has a huge ego.
  • What's good: Polaterality has a huge ego and sings off tune. He regularly gets bored and spends time trolling in various rooms.
  • What's bad: This owner thinks he's intellect is superior to others, he attacks people he doesn't like and always trolls with he's clique group who are morons.

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