Even if you’re not living in the EU, you’ve probably heard too much about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the emails are still coming. If the sheer number of communications isn’t overwhelming, the legalese probably is, so we’re going to do a quick breakdown of what GDPR means for Paltalk members. There are a couple things you need to know.

Flair are some of the most unique Virtual Gifts you can give and receive on Paltalk. They help you make a strong first impression and show off your personality and interests no matter where you go in the app. As some of you may have noticed, however, there are a few Flair you can’t find in the Virtual Gift Store. In order to help you live your best, most bedazzled life, we’ve compiled a list of all our special Flair and how to get them next to your nickname, too.

How the All-New Paltalk Helps You Show Off Your Gifts, Crowns, & SubsRecently, we’ve talked a lot about the improvements you can find in the new version of Paltalk, from upgraded Whisper visibility and customized highlighting to Zoom Text and Video Filters, all available free with download. But maybe you’re a long-term member who has invested not only your time but also your hard-earned cash into our product. Your nicknames are iconic, your Pal lists impeccable. You aren’t looking for sleek and shiny. You’re looking for value.The all-new Paltalk is perfect for you, too.

This new version of Paltalk was built from the ground up, and feedback from our members has been very positive so far. Most of the questions we receive concern features that have moved, changed, or improved. Here are some quick tips to help you learn about those differences and smooth your transition to the furture of Paltalk.

The next step in your Paltalk journey is getting the hang of chat rooms.Chat rooms provide a public place to share your interests and meet people organically, without the pressure of face-to-face interactions. When joining a room, relax and remember: here, you can be whomever you want.

This week in the Paltalk for Beginners series, we’ve got the insider scoop on some of the best features Paltalk has to offer. These features might not be classified as “basics”, but as you’ll see, they’re easy to learn and can make your time online even more fun!And the awards go to—

Chat is our business, which means that words are our passion– and we have a word for everything. To acquaint you with Paltalk’s most popular features, we’ve created a glossary of some of our favorite words below.

Joining a new messenger service is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Trying to make a good first impression while learning your way around is difficult. We want to make things easier. Whether you’re new to Paltalk or simply looking to get more out of the community, following these suggestions can help.

Follow these simple guidelines when chatting in Paltalk rooms to ensure you get the most out of your Paltalk experience. Be polite and raise your hand In a busy chat room, you will want to ‘Raise Your Hand’ to indicate that you would like to speak. You may also want to raise your hand to partipate in votes or play games. Click on the ‘Raise Hand’ icon in the chat room window toolbar or Select the ‘Raise Hand’ option under the ‘Actions’ menu in the chat room window Observe the room rules Room owners will typically post…